I have some plans for this room but no time… I hope to get a big mirror from wall to wall behind the petrol coloured Pantonova chaise longue. This will make the room look twice as big and the lamps will reflect there as well.  


I got some cool stuff today. To begin with I would like to show you an original Lüber lamp poster from around 1970. It is printed on a little thicker papper and shows the Ball and Spiral lamps.   I just realised another interesting thing. This poster comes from the home of J. Lüber […]


It is soon time to make some of the planed Panton projects. A year ago I made a big ceilingplate for 33 chromed Flowerpot lamps. I will paint this plate in purple and put it where the Globe lamp now hangs. Also, I have 60 Flowerpot lamps from the Salon Rouge. I will use 10 […]