The interior designer Sten Hermansson made a lot of interiors in Sweden from the early 60:ies to the 90:ies. He had the company Cirkel Design Center. During the 60:ies Sten worked with Verner Panton´s design such as furniture from Plus Linje, textiles from Unika Væv and lamps from Louis Poulsen. Later he became the swedish agent for Mira-X and J. Lüber.

Unfortunatelly Sten passed away some years ago. I have been given all his sketches with interior design. It is about 70 places with Panton design but I guess most of it are gone since long time ago. I have also been lucky to get a lot of old pictures from these cool places. If you scroll down you will see some of them.


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Sten Hermansson 1964

Sten Hermansson 1963.

1963 Unika Vaev showroom Sweden

Sten´s showroom for Unika Væv and Plus Linje at Lidners Plan in Stockholm around 1963 (above).

Interiors by Sten Hermansson during the 60:ies in Sweden (below).

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