© Trapholt Museum 2019 Farverig sommer på Trapholt ”Man sidder bedre på en farve, man godt kan lide” var Verner Pantons grundsætning. Farver er også helt centrale i Trapholts Verner Panton præsentation, der henover sommeren viser et udsnit af Pantons ekspressive, skulpturelle og farverige designs fra Trapholts samling. Man kan opleve Panton på Trapholt fra […]


Did some re-arranging of the Spiegel lamps at home and took out the purple ones from a big formation to use in this corridor. Here is a fast first picture. The light is not very strong from them but I might solve that with an extra spotlight on the fabric.


Cheers Verner Panton! What a fantastic collection of ”New Wave” prototype glasses! I have been chasing these for many years and now a whole set showed up! These are handmade by Holmegaard 1984 and never came into serial production but some went to the staff at Holmegaard as christmas gifts. They are reversable so you […]


Wanted! I am looking for a few small pieces of furnishing fabric to complete this Peacock Chair with the ”original” fabric from the early sixties. As you see, I now use two red:ish pillows instead of the original ones in red/orange Bolivia fabric. I have seen the fabric needed at some norweigian chairs and also […]