Cheers from ”Visiona 2”! Almost…The ”Ilumesa” table actually comes from the Bayer ship in january/february 1970 but the prototype glasses are designed nearly 15 years later.Not my favourite glasses to drink from but absolutelly to look at. Anyhow very cool design! I wish I had the other ones too (a different shape) but probably not […]


A new Verner Panton lamp for the collection! This time the large ceiling version of the ”VP Europa” from 1977.The glass shade, wich is 51 cm in diameter, is mouth blown and due to the heavy weight it has a special mounting system wich I didn’t earlier understood was so complicated.When making these glass shades […]


This must be the biggest multicoloured ”Kvadrat I” curtain in velour I have ever seen! Could be a part of a curtain shown at Bella Center 1972. They look identical but the curtain at Bella had two more lenghts. And this has threads left on one side so it must have been sewn together and […]


I guess it took about 15 years in total and hundreds of questions for balls to save pieces for this incredible piece. A lot of persons have contributed with parts so thank you very much!Now this is not really a complete ”Type E” lamp yet but all parts are 100% original from J Lüber so […]


Geometri wall panels in enamel by the one and only.These are actually a mix of panels with a very cool provinance. Five of them comes from the home of Louis Schnakenburg, who took many of the legendary pictures with Verner Panton’s design. These were the first prototypes panels from 1967 and he got them as […]


The latest Verner Panton addition in the collection… A prototype version of the ”FUN 1 DM” lamp but here made with thicker transparant discs in acryl, where each disc is shaped in a sort of ”3-D like” pattern. The lamp has a metal bar in the top that hides the cord. Usually these lamps where […]


The last original artwork by Verner Panton, open to the public, is under threat to be demolished. “The Panton tunnel” in Basel has looked like this since 1980 but there is now plans to build new buildings there so a petitition to save the tunnel has started. Copyright: Verner Panton Design AG. You can reach […]