A box of original Mira-Tülle curtains from the 70:ies just arrived! These are colored ”see through” curtains wich are nearly impossible to find since nobody really knows what it is… but they are designed by Verner Panton and used in his first fabric collection from 1970.


Trying to make some sort of relaxing room outside the sauna here. Some walls are down and the first layer of turquoise paint is up. Still some work with floor etc but just had to put out some furniture wich are meant to be in such environment – the ”T” serie by Plus Linje from […]

1-2-3 TABLE

Julian is aiming for the new Verner Panton 1-2-3 table from 1973. It has taken some time to understand wich table height is perfect for a certain chair – or more wich table height is matching a certain edition of a chair. For example the first edition Panton chairs are lower than the ones that […]


  Just received an “1-2-3” table from the early 70:ies. I have been looking for one with this lower height (65 cm tall) to go with some Panton chairs and possibly our enamel plate from Der Spiegel. The table was quite a bargain – ca 40 euros!


A friend of me is selling some Panton pieces. Please let me know if you are interested and I will give you the contact info. A plastic Panton Chair in purple from ca 1971. Fabric print “Anatomie Lips” from the first edition 1968. A carpet “Mira-Carré” from 1974. A little spot misses the “hair” as […]