Even though I collected Verner Panton design for many years now, I still get surprised when something comes up that I never seen or heard of before. This fabric design, “Kreisform” from 1978, are one out of a special serie of prints Verner did that looks a little different than his other classical fabric designs […]


Maybe not very easy to see what this is… It´s wooden blinds designed by Verner in 1991. Actually it´s his own protype versions for these used in his office at Kohlenberggasse, see the picture with Verner Panton. (Copyright to Panton Design office for that picture). Two of them are purple/violet and one is blue/yellow. (One […]


One of the coolest fabric designs ever – Verner Panton´s own hand. This new piece to the collection is a prototype print made in context for the “VISIONA 0” exhibition 1968. Here in a super rare red version. Totally crazy to find one after 52 years!


I saw this fabric on ebay 12-15 years ago but missed this since I was too slow and wasn´t sure it was Verner´s design. Now the very same fabric popped up again and I felt I needed to get it. So happy for it! After talks with Verner´s daughter Carin she told me she remembered […]


A crazy find! Five large curtains “CURVE II” from the 70:ies popped up the other day when a guy I earlier bought simliar curtains from found these in his parents home. They were used in a graphic print office in Nässjö in the the 70:ies but was taken down and hidden away for 40 years!