Saw this upholstered leather chair at ebay around 15 years ago but it was then too expensive for me and I had other Verner Panton pieces in the aim to get first.I actually don’t know very much about this furniture series more than it was designed by Verner and was called ”Upholstered Chair 1979, prototype” […]


Maybe not very easy to see what this is… It´s wooden blinds designed by Verner in 1991. Actually it´s his own protype versions for these used in his office at Kohlenberggasse, see the picture with Verner Panton. (Copyright to Panton Design office for that picture). Two of them are purple/violet and one is blue/yellow. (One […]


A crazy find! Five large curtains “CURVE II” from the 70:ies popped up the other day when a guy I earlier bought simliar curtains from found these in his parents home. They were used in a graphic print office in Nässjö in the the 70:ies but was taken down and hidden away for 40 years!

1958 VERSUS 1963

Here is how you see the difference between a Plus Linje “Cone Chair” from 1958 (left) versus a Plus Linje “Cone Chair” made ca 1963 (right). The later chair is a little taller but that is not easy to se if you don´t have any chair to campare with. You can then tell by the […]