I have some plans for this room but no time… I hope to get a big mirror from wall to wall behind the petrol coloured Pantonova chaise longue. This will make the room look twice as big and the lamps will reflect there as well.  


The Salami Chair prototype was designed 1965. (It is called “Dux-Sessel” in german). I have now seen very interesting drawings from 1965 were Verner Panton shows different combinations of pillows for this chair. Many different types were drawn but this prototype had only three pillows on top of the seating cushion. Since I have been […]


Hopefully I will soon have a fourth pillow for the Salami Chair prototype. This chair comes from Verner Panton´s home and the last pillow has been missing since long time. The third pillow is now at a professional refurnisher to be a template for the missing one. I have managed to find the correct fabric […]