I have some plans for this room but no time… I hope to get a big mirror from wall to wall behind the petrol coloured Pantonova chaise longue. This will make the room look twice as big and the lamps will reflect there as well.  


Does anyone have this type of Topan lamp for sale? I am trying to find Topan lamps with this kind of difusor. The colour of the shade doesn’t matter. I also look for matte grey, green, red or black Topan lamps, even without difusor. All matte Topan lamps from Louis Poulsen are interesting.


It is soon time to make some of the planed Panton projects. A year ago I made a big ceilingplate for 33 chromed Flowerpot lamps. I will paint this plate in purple and put it where the Globe lamp now hangs. Also, I have 60 Flowerpot lamps from the Salon Rouge. I will use 10 […]