1959 Topan 001 1959 Topan 002 1959 Topan 003 1959 Topan 004 1959 Topan 005 1959 Topan 007 1959 Topan 008 1959 Topan 009 1959 Topan 013 1959 Topan 014 1959 Topan 015 1959 Topan 016 1959 Topan 017 1959 Topan 018 1959 Topan 019 1959 Topan 020

I also updated the “Lighting”- area with new pictures of the Topan lamps in the collection. So far I have 13 different versions but please let me know if you have any you don´t see there.

The rarest Topan here is a test version for a wall edition of this lamp. It has an almost invisible acryl holder where the lamp shade is put. It can also be used as an “uplight”-lamp”. The cord is supposed to “disappear” in the small hole of the metal holder but I can´t mount it like that now.

Verner Panton developed this together with the “floating” furniture range from Plus Linje in acryl 1959/1960.

This very lamp is what I know one of the very first lamp Verner Panton could have had his hands on. It was given to a friend of Verner Panton in Germany and he saved it for many years.

The polished aluminium lamps + the more matte lamps here are early versions that came 1959. The pop-coloured and more shiny lamps were out on the market 1965. All are manufactured by Louis Poulsen.