A new cool piece for the collection showed up the other day but I haven´t had the time to show it until now. First I did not think this stool was a design by Verner Panton but a lot of details points to the direction this really is an “undiscovered Panton Stool” from 1967. […]


Some better pictures of the Salon Rouge in progress – now with red “Mira-Tülle” curtains. For our last house I arranged the length of these curtains. Now I need to do that all over again… It is really a hard work since it´s about 30 meters width!


Next room to paint is our bedroom wich will be all pink / magenta. Really poor pictures here but I just took them as a comparison when we have done a little more later on. In the end it will have the wall and ceiling colour you see in the picture below from our old […]


The blue office is also taking shape. I especially like the Pantonaef model above the aquarium. It has some chromed plates in it wich reflects the light. Those chromed plates and also some different purple plates comes from Verner Panton´s own pre-serie of the Pantonaef system wich he developed 1975, before he contacted the swiss […]


The hardest work is now done and the next step is to finish some details and paint some walls ready. I will probably also hang longer red “see-through” curtains in the window. After this room I will start to make a yellow kitchen wich is next to this room.