Today I received a fantastic piece of Panton history. This is a piece of the gigantic scene curtain at Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen 1984. The pattern is based on the “Kvadrat I” design from 1970 but is a little modified here. It has only 7 colours instead of 8 and the 7:th colour is a golden […]

VARNA 1971

Enjoy! Some pictures from the Varna Restaurant near Århus in Denmark 1971.


Today this early pair of Bachelor Chairs arrived too. I have never seen this canvas / pattern for these earlier. The previous owners told me they had them like this since the begining of the 60:ies, maybe even earlier. The cushions are very dry but everything is in very good condition except that. We have […]

VARNA 1971

I have now got some of the old slides from the Mira-X agent, converted into digital pictures. Here is one picture from 1971 wich shows the Varna Restaurant in Århus, Denmark. I want the blue enamel panels… Where are you?!


I have been quite busy with updating the website latelly. Some new pieces are coming in but not all are here yet. My friend picked up these early Bachelor Chairs for me the other day. I have never seen this canvas fabric on these chairs before but they are old. The danish familly who had […]