1984 Cirkusbygning curtain 001 1984 Cirkusbygning curtain 002 1984 Cirkusbygning curtain 003 1984 Cirkusbygning curtain 004 1984 Cirkusbygning curtain 005 1984 Cirkusbygning curtain 006 1984 Cirkusbygning curtain 007

Today I received a fantastic piece of Panton history.

This is a piece of the gigantic scene curtain at Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen 1984. The pattern is based on the “Kvadrat I” design from 1970 but is a little modified here. It has only 7 colours instead of 8 and the 7:th colour is a golden print!

I will make a framed fabric out of this in the size 330 x 110 cm.


Further, I received some cool documents about the Cirkusbuilding, including floor plans and pictures but also two tickets for the premier re-opening 1984 after Verner Panton had made the re-design of the building.

1984 Cirkusbygning documents 001 1984 Cirkusbygning documents 002 1984 Cirkusbygning documents 003 1984 Cirkusbygning documents 004

With these pieces, Pantonworld collection now has a complete collection of all objects Verner Panton put here in Cirkusbygningen 1984. Since earlier I have a complete set with all 6 different colours of the chairs, 4 Pantop lamps in pink and yellow and also the purple background curtain that goes around the audience.

1984-Circus-building-seats-001 1984 Circus building seats1980 Pantop Model C 1980 Pantop Model C 1980 Pantop Model CCircus building bed coverThe Circus Building 1980