Some new pictures from the new house. The biggest room on the top floor will be white for now. We plan to have the ground floor in stronger colours.


These Bobinette Geometri curtains from 1960 are amongst my favorite Panton curtains. They are not easy to find and are often expensive if they come up.  I try to find enough of them to cover a 950 cm long window in the new house. This pair have a width of 320 cm together and with […]


Today I received a fantastic piece of Panton history. This is a piece of the gigantic scene curtain at Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen 1984. The pattern is based on the “Kvadrat I” design from 1970 but is a little modified here. It has only 7 colours instead of 8 and the 7:th colour is a golden […]


Here comes a new important piece for the Pantonworld collection. This is the pianist´s Cone Stool at Hotel Restaurant Astoria 1960. It is one of the first versions of the stool with a small “keyhole” under the seat. You see the pianist sitting and playing on this chair in one of the pictures above. It […]

VARNA 1971

Enjoy! Some pictures from the Varna Restaurant near Århus in Denmark 1971.


A new Verner Panton carpet in the Pantoworld collection. Here comes a really rare “Optik Carpet” from 1969. I have only seen it once in a picture from Verner Panton´s home around 1971. The measurements are 137 x 137 cm and I beleive Unika Vaev was the manufacturer due to the similar technique of these […]

VARNA 1971

I have now got some of the old slides from the Mira-X agent, converted into digital pictures. Here is one picture from 1971 wich shows the Varna Restaurant in Århus, Denmark. I want the blue enamel panels… Where are you?!