Welcome! One of my most wanted fabrics arrived today. This prototype print ”Schneke” was designed in 1978 and it’s one of a serie with prints with a little other style than Verner Panton designed earlier. This is my favorite fabric print of them all in this serie, especially in this colour.


  Rare Verner Panton fabric from 1977 showing the design ”Animal” from the ”Fun I” collection. In the same time, Verner developed a toy system with plastic frames and plates where the result clearly reminds of the pattern you see here. That system, ”Pantonaef”, was developed together with the swiss toy maker Kurt Naef.

1-2-3 TABLE

Julian is aiming for the new Verner Panton 1-2-3 table from 1973. It has taken some time to understand wich table height is perfect for a certain chair – or more wich table height is matching a certain edition of a chair. For example the first edition Panton chairs are lower than the ones that […]