1-2-3 TABLE

Julian is aiming for the new Verner Panton 1-2-3 table from 1973. It has taken some time to understand wich table height is perfect for a certain chair – or more wich table height is matching a certain edition of a chair. For example the first edition Panton chairs are lower than the ones that […]


”Rare-chair”-alert! A rare dining version of the Wire Cone Chair from ca 1961. This one called K1 – ”Model C”. It has the back rest wich I never seen before on this edition.   The cushions must have been re-upholstered in a later blue fabric (probably ”Hallingdal” instead of the original ”Bolivia”) and there are […]


© Trapholt Museum 2019 Farverig sommer på Trapholt ”Man sidder bedre på en farve, man godt kan lide” var Verner Pantons grundsætning. Farver er også helt centrale i Trapholts Verner Panton præsentation, der henover sommeren viser et udsnit af Pantons ekspressive, skulpturelle og farverige designs fra Trapholts samling. Man kan opleve Panton på Trapholt fra […]


Did some re-arranging of the Spiegel lamps at home and took out the purple ones from a big formation to use in this corridor. Here is a fast first picture. The light is not very strong from them but I might solve that with an extra spotlight on the fabric.