Here are some of the gems that found it’s way to the Pantonworld collection in 2023.

1: Ball lamp ”Type F” in red tones.

2: ”Soft Line” lounge chair in orange.

3: ”Big Flowerpot” lamp in red.

4: Modular chair from the ”R-serie”.

5: Enamel table in orange.

6: ”Panton-Contura” chair.

7: ”VP-Europa” hanging lamp.

8: Skarridsø ”Skarridan” enamel panel.

9: Red enamel ashtray in original box.

10: Spiral lamp ”SP1” in red tones.

11: Large enamel coasters.

12: Flowerpot lamp cluster in white.

13: Cone Chair in original purple textile.

14: Test print for ”Geometriche Konstruktionen” textile design.

15: Square enamel side table in orange.

16: Drinking glass coasters.

17: Flowerpot lamp cluster in violet.

18: Round enamel side table in blue.

19: Flowerpot lamp cluster in orange.

20: Large ”Kvadrat II” curtain in pink tones.

21: ”Fun 2 WM” from J. Lüber.

22: Polette textile in turquoise and yellow.

23: Wife.

If you have any Verner Panton design for sale please send an email to: niklas@pantonworld.com