I was on a little “Pantour” last weekend… This place was one of the things I checked out. The original musselshell ceiling from the Panton famillie´s residence in Binningen is lend out to the Kunsthalle Basel for the coming years. When checking the ceiling closer I also beleive some ceiling panels might be from their […]


Blue and yellow prototype for the “Luminous Wall Element” made ca 1969. It has been several later made copies around but this is one of two originals still existing. This panel is attached in a box of mirrors to duplicate the panels when you look inside this box. The blue and yellow panel was the […]


Today I opened the old cushions for the Bachelor Chair to change the foam. I was a bit surpriced what I found in there… A pair of scissors that probably have been in the cushion since it was made about 55 years ago! It says “Garantie Reinståhl” on it. The cushions turned out great with […]


  A new cool piece for the collection showed up the other day but I haven´t had the time to show it until now. First I did not think this stool was a design by Verner Panton but a lot of details points to the direction this really is an “undiscovered Panton Stool” from 1967. […]