Some careful plastic cleaning in progress…The latest Ring Lamp shades in blue and violet really needs some cleaning but afraid of damaging them so I do this really slow.I miss at least four back panels (the metal plate with bulbholder) to get these more complete. Anyone that has any? Or maybe chrashed Ring Lamps? Please […]


Just had to make a quick test with the old Ring Lamp shades to see how they turn out when lit up. Now I just put them quickly on some other prototype back panels with round discs so they might not look like this when used with an ”ordinary” square back panel. They still need […]


Woop! At last some matching cushions for the Peacock Chair from 1960.Now this relaxing room with hues of turquoise, blue and purple feels like a place even worthy the designer himself. (Thinking that Verner Panton’s favourite colour was blue).Another great job from @ptv.se (who made the foam work) and @goteborgssyfabrik (who made the fabric work). […]


Welcome ultra rare friend! Saw this test carpet from 1960 many years ago but it was then sold. Always wanted to have it and now, 18 years later, it popped up for sale again!The design ”Geometri VII” is one of Verner Panton’s earliest and I would be surpriced if many more flat weave carpets with […]


Thanks a lot ptv.se for being, in my mind, the best professional upholstery workshop in the world! These seats now came back with old vintage (original) Bolivia fabric and perfect foam. They are made identical like the original ca 1960 and they look like the just popped out from the Plus Linje factory – with […]


Maybe another carpet? This time a mega rare ”Optik” carpet in purple tones. The pattern was designed by Verner Panton in 1969 for Unika Vaev. It’s a kind of mix between a flat rug and a long pile rya. I have only seen this carpet once (an orange version) in an old picture from Verner’s […]