These cushion modules comes from Verner Panton´s home. They were first a part of the “Multi-functional Living Unit” from april 1966 but after that, they were used as a sofa in the Panton familly´s appartement in Hasenrain until 1972 and then in their house in Binningen 1972-1987. The previous owner bought these in the late 90:ies. Since these are unique pieces I am so happy to be the new owner!

I will show you more of this soon. First I didn´t realise the cushions actually was a design of itself wich was also shown at the exhibition “Visiona 0” in 1968. The design is called “Keil-Kissen” (Wedge pillow) and you can form a landscape with these cool cushion units. Since they have been in a warehouse for almost 25 years they are quite dusty but luckilly, after a test wash (see the last picture), these will soon look like new.