The fantastic lamp I will never learn how to spell without checking it up – The “Dodecahedron”. This serie of 12-sided lamps were originally designed for Verner Panton´s retrospective exhibition at the Trapholt museum 1998. Now you can see them and much more at the new Trapholt exhibition ” Verner Panton – Colouring a new […]


The Trapholt Museum For Modern Art has now opened the retrospective exhibition ” Verner Panton – Colouring a new world”. I will soon show some more pictures from it. In the meantime you can drowl over this line of Dodecahedron lamps wich was originally designed by Verner Panton for the exhibition in 1998. Copyright: Verner […]


Another ”new” heavy and rare table arrived yesterday…This time a 40 years old ”floating” marble table ”P4635” from the ”Collection P”.The table measures 46 cm in diameter and the total height is 35 cm so it’s quite small but in the same time easy to place.Manufacturer: Artline Wohndecor in Germany 1981.


Wohoo! I was contacted by a nice man who said he most likely had a red Ilumesa light table from the ”Visiona 2” exhibition 1970.He bought it from a german dealer 15 years ago who claimed he got it from a person that took it right out from the exhibition. It’s not easy to know […]


The design ”SEXS” (six in danish) from the Universa collection was one of the few textile designs Verner did that was not for Unika Vaev or Mira-X. The Universa collection was printed by ”Vereinigte Werkstätten für Kunst im handwerk” in Munchen 1963.I have this design in turquoise/white tones and blue/red tones since earlier but no […]


Never expected to see this Anatomic series ”Mouth” / ”Lips” textile in orange! Usually when you see these rare printed textiles with this pattern, they are red. It’s actually also the first time I see this textile design with a paper tag from the original manufacturer Poul Boheim too. It comes from a person who […]


The ”black issue” of the Mobila magazine from august 1961 shows almost the whole range of Verner Panton’s early design from Plus Linje and Unika Væv. Most of the design you see there were prototypes when they took those pictures. For example the ultra cool ”Trumpet Chair” – T6.One example of that chair is now […]