Some first pictures of the early version SP3 that just arrived from Germany. I am super exited about this lamp and more pics will follow when I have taken more pieces out of the box.

The lamp came with a custom made metal plate wich fits perfectly above the ceiling plate if you bend it around. This probably worked as a cover from it’s earlier place.

This lamp has hanged in a ceiling with ornaments in a doctors house outside Köln from the begining of the 70:ies. According to the relatives of the doctor, it is likelly from Visiona 2 but very difficult to say without any more info.

The technique with small hooks that you hang the spirals from is the same as the big Wonderlamps from 1970 uses to hang wires with balls from.

The spirals and some parts is much more yellow than other chromed lamps I have seen, probably a mix of old laque and nikotin.