Some new pics from the AUBERGINE ROOM.

The WIRELAMP is original from Lüber.

It comes with orange, yellow, white and brown shade.


The grey PANTONAEF RHINO is a new familly member.


At last I made the blue ANATOMIE EYE frame. The ANATOMIE series  is one of Verners coolest fabrics if you ask me.

Marianne Panton has been the model for the LIP, EYE and FEETS. The EAR and HAND comes from Verner.

I had the ANATOMIE EYE earlier but in a later version made by MIRA-X in 1978 with white colour in the iris.

This one is made in diferent tones of blue. It was made for the VISIONA  0 exhibition in 1968 and is extremely hard to find.

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