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First we have this cool chair in zink wire with yellow cushions – the LOUNGE WIRE CONE CHAIR.

This chair was used in the area “GOLDEN APPLE” at ASTORIA HOTEL AND RESTAURANT.

This chair, the table you will see further down and all the fabrics has been in the home of a former staff member at the hotel for 50 years!



You can here compare the height of the DINING WIRE CONE CHAIR, THE CONE STOOL and the LOUNGE WIRE CONE CHAIR.


astoria_011 astoria_012 astoria_013

This large green GEOMETRI curtain comes from the area “VINTER GARDEN” at the ASTORIA HOTEL AND RESTAURANT.



Here you can see the same curtain in place at “VINTER GARDEN”.



This is the matching table – The CONE TABLE. Also this one is original from ASTORIA HOTEL AND RESTAURANT in 1960.


astoria_015 astoria_016 astoria_017 astoria_018 astoria_019

The pattern above is the “GEOMETRI 1” . It was used all over the room called “THE ORANGE”.



Here is a picture from “THE ORANGE” in 1960.



Here is a thin “see through” curtain that  was made by the company UNIKA VÆV. It was used to divide the rooms in the GOLDEN APPLE.



This is how it looked with the yellow dividing “see through” curtains in 1960. You also see the LOUNGE WIRE CONE CHAIR in this room.

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