big flowerpot turquise

Here is our new BIG FLOWERPOT LAMP in turquise.

This colour is probably the rarest colour of them all and I have only seen three turquise lamps in person including this one. There was  some at the Visiona 2 exhibition 1970 but I have never seen any in catalogues or from other pictures.

This one misses the the arms for holding the smaller cup so I have asked a mechanic worker to make a copy of one of the other BIG FLOWERPOTS LAMPS we have.

The story about this very lamp is pretty cool…

It has been in a private collection for atleast 10 years. It has some schratches and the inside is painted with a white colour so I first thought it was some type of prototype because the inside use to be enamel as well.

I spoke to a friend who happend to be the owner of this very lamp a long time ago. He got it from the director of the Emalco factory in Switzerland.

Emalco were the manufacturer for Verner Pantons enemel objects and they did these shades for Louis Poulsen.

Anyway, the director did not use this as a lamp – He had it in his garden as a real Flowerpot with flowers inside!

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