stern magazine 1969 001

The cover of the “STERN MAGAZIN”, 20:th of July 1969.


stern magazine 1969 002

An advertisement for the “VISIONA 69” exhibition in Cologne. Verner Panton was the big artist here one year earlier (“VISIONA 0” where the picture is from).

He also had, in my mind, his greatest exhibition the year after. The “VISIONA 2” exhibition 1970. All these exhibitions was made to show the fabrics and products from the company “BAYER”.


stern magazine 1969 003

Above you can see some lamps designed by Verner Panton.


Number 1 is the TOPAN LAMP in messing (matte) and aluminium (shiny). These costed 35 D-mark in 1969.

It says they were made by a company “COSACK” but it has to be LOUIS POULSEN since the made exactly these models. The rarer type in messing were for example used in the room “Appelsinen” (the Orange) at Hotel Astoria in Trondheim, Norway 1960.


Number 2 in the upper picture is the MOON LAMP wich was available in metal (190 D-Mark) or acryl (205 D-mark) .


Number 3 is the TOPAN LAMP, available in different vibrant colours (33 D-Mark).


In the lower picture you can see lamp number 5 wich is the FLOWERPOT LAMP (37,50 D-Mark). This was made in 5 different colours.

You can also see one musselshell lamp FUN 2 DM (number 11). These lamps costed between 280-5000 D-mark, depending on model, in 1969.


stern magazine 1969 004

Here is an example how you can fit in three TABLE FLOWERPOT LAMPS in a table…

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