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pantonaef chrom 004

Here you see one of my new projects!

Verner designed the PANTONAEF toy system in 1975. He made a “prototye animal” in chrome – The rabbit.
Also some smaller sculptures was made. Besides that, I have seen some chromed plates in old pictures from his walls in the Binningen villa.

I have probably most of the plate colours for the PANTONAEF system in my collection – with one exception – the chromed plates.

I have never seen it live but it would be extremely cool to have a chromed PANTONAEF RABBIT.

Therfor, I have been investigating the possibilities to make chromed plastic plates from the plates I have.

It is an extremely difficult and expensive process to put chrome on plastic but a company in Sweden helped me and tried with one plate. The plate becomed heavier with the chrome on it.

You see the result above. It is not perfect since the surface from the beginging is not totaly smooth. I will think of a good technique for this.

Another problem is when you put the small plates in the different “chemical chrom baths”, you can drop them and then they disappeare…

bild 3





I would like to have the rabbit below in chrome!

bild 1

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