prototype circum fabric 001 prototype circum fabric 002 prototype circum fabric 003 prototype circum fabric 004

“CIRCUM” printed by the Pausa factory in Mössingen, Germany. Verner did this black and white test print in 1978.



prototype konstruktion fabric 001 prototype konstruktion fabric 002 prototype konstruktion fabric 003 prototype konstruktion fabric 004

“KONSTRUKTION” printed in 1978 by the Pausa factory in Mössingen, Germany.



prototype bienenwaben fabric 001  prototype bienenwaben fabric 003

prototype bienenwaben fabric 002

BIENENWABEN – A prototype velour fabric. Probably a fabric for refurnishing furnitures.



prototype welle fabric 002 prototype welle fabric 003

prototype welle fabric 001

A medium WAVE fabric in aubergine velour. Perfect for a wooden frame.


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