I have now collected some pieces that could look cool in a future turquoise room. The Big Flowerpot lamp will be more over the couch table and there will also be a big blue/turquoise Tiscalong carpet under the Pantonova sofa. Just need to take everything away again and start painting the walls and ceiling…


At last some time to take new pictures of the aubergine room with a real camera.


A chromed “SP1” Spiral Lamp with extra long threads arrived today. This very lamp was bought in 1971 and the previous owner have had it in their vaccation appartement since then. The condition is like new, even after 45 years. It measures 140 cm tall and it’s the first time I have seen this longer […]


Some new pictures from the new house. The biggest room on the top floor will be white for now. We plan to have the ground floor in stronger colours.

VARNA 1971

Enjoy! Some pictures from the Varna Restaurant near Århus in Denmark 1971.

VARNA 1971

I have now got some of the old slides from the Mira-X agent, converted into digital pictures. Here is one picture from 1971 wich shows the Varna Restaurant in Århus, Denmark. I want the blue enamel panels… Where are you?!