They doesn’t hang perfect here but I just had to see these ultra rare curtains up!? These ”Bobinette” curtains with triangles/squares was designed by Verner Panton for Unika Vaev in 1960. Not many in this design could have been made. I have through old drawings from an early Unika Vaev exhibition seen the name ”Bobinette […]


It was probably around 12 years ago I had one of these Panthella lamps with chromed shade but the shade from the last ”Pantour” made it possible to now choose between a chromed or red version.


I don’t know how big the odds are to find two carpets like this in inverted colours? The most incredible thing is that they are cut out in the exact same size! Everything points to that they have been one bigger piece earlier even though they must have been separated for atleast 15 years. I […]


Maybe you recognize this pattern? It´s the one Verner used for the complete floor at the Varna restaurant in Århus 1971. This is actually a piece of a Mira-X wall-to-wall carpet designed by Verner Panton in 1970. I can hardly beleive how good the carpet´s size (104×97 cm) matched the gap between those walls!

In 2012, the swedish interior architect Sten Hermansson passed away. He was the swedish agent for Plus Linje, Mira-X and more of Verner Panton’s manufacturers. I was lucky to meet this man and we spent many hours together and over the phone. He was also a good friend to the Panton familly and he gave […]


What do you think of this Verner Panton carpet? This is one of my new favourite carpets by the one and only – A blue short pile ”Geometri I” carpet from 1960. Not many of these blue ones can have been made and probably not many can have survived either. I think I have seen […]


A setup of four old vintage Topan lamps hanging in a special formation – with the ”hard-to-find” deflectors. The Topan lamp was mainly placed low so the light wouldn’t strike people’s eyes but for the joint stand of Louis Poulsen and Fritz Hansen at Bella Center 1972, one formation looked like this. You will see […]