The EYE in blue DRALON  fabric was made by the former company PAUL BOHEIM.

It was made for the VISIONA 0 exhibition in Cologne 1968.

The LIPS in red DRALON fabric was also made for the  VISIONA 0 exhibition in 1968. MARIANNE PANTON was the model for the lips.

We have two copys of it here at PANTONWORLD.

VERNER PANTONS own ears were the model for this prototype fabric in orange DRALON fabric. Also made by the company PAUL BOHEIM in 1968. The Anatomie EARS were never re-issued by MIRA-X or even used at the VISIONA 0 exhibition.

The FEETS  is made in green DRALON fabric by the former company PAUL BOHEIM.

It is from the VISONA 0 exhibition 1968. The size of this is 170 x 115 cm!

These ANATOMIE fabrics from PAUL BOHEIM 1968 is considered to be some of VERNERS best pieces.

MIRA-X liked the ANATOMIE COLLECTION so much that they made a re-make of the fabric in 1978. This time with some more colour into it and printed on cretonne (Cotton).

For example the EYE had some white colours into it.

This XXL piece with the LIPS is made by MIRA-X in 1978.

This piece is also from Verners own body – His hand.

It was never putted into production. This one is made by Mira-X 1978 as a prototype.


I know they made the HAND at the company PAUL BOHEIM 1968 too – because I have seen a blue version of it (The colour looks similar to PAUL BOHEIMS version of the EYE).

The HAND from the first edition is the only fabric in the ANATOMIE collection we don´t have here at PANTONWORLD but this is a good substitute…

In total we have 13 copys of different ANATOMIE FABRICS.

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