This is my collection of DOMINO and CAMINO wall carpets. They were made to reduce noise at offices.

All of them are hand made in the size 60 x 60 cm.

The ones that can be but together to a larger pattern are called DOMINO and the ones with a single pattern are called CAMINO.

I have been told that MIRA-X produced these around 1974 but they were never out on the market, only in showrooms and their own offices.

They have a 3-D pattern wich look very cool when lit up. My DOMINO CURVE and DOMINO WAVE are maybe not in the best condition but I will try to fresh them up a bit.

Not so much you can do about that when you can not find any more…

I would like to find some more, especially a DOMINO STRIPE with 8 coloured strips from edge to edge.

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