I have updated the PANTONWORLD with some new rooms.

You now find the different rooms under MY ROOMS — TOP FLOOR / GROUND FLOOR / BASEMENT…

The PINK ROOM is totally new. Here you can see some nice objects:

A large and rare FUN 14 DM, two wall lamps called FUN 1 WM, ANATOMIE LIP fabric and a super rare ROSE fabric.

The fabrics are originals for the Visiona 2 exhibition in Cologne 1970.

The bedspree is a prototype fabric in medium STRIPE in purple. The lines are inverted in another way than the usuall…

Go to PINK ROOM for more pictures!


I have also made a GREEN ROOM, even if there is only one Panton item in there… a very nice FUN 13 DM!


Atlast, I have had the time to take some new pics of the YELLOW ROOM… So enjoy!

You can for example see some prototype fabrics,

an PANTONAEF OWL with rare prototype plates in pink,

a prototype panel from Visona 2 in yellow / blue,

a yellow CONE LAMP (called LIGHT BODY),

a re-edition of the WIRE LAMP  from Verpan (table model),

a transparant curtain in orange from THE EUROPA HOTEL in Lugano,

a red rug, also from THE EUROPA HOTEL.

Go to YELLOW ROOM for more pictures!


The WHITE ROOM has some new pics as well…

Here you can see a very nice and rare fabric, the ANATOMIE HAND.

On the wall there are two wall-lamps FUN1 WM, on the floor there is a medium sized MIRA-X rug “KVADRAT” in brown colours.

A large ceiling lamp, FUN 0 DM hangs over the small 1-2-3 table.

In the window you can see a small table lamp FUN2 TM and some very large transparant GEOMETRIE 1 curtains from 1960.

The curtains changes its “look” when the lights changes over the day.

They get inverted when the night comes and the light fall from inside on them instead of through them during the day.

You have more pictures in WHITE ROOM…



At last, I am not ready yet but I have changed the pics in the AUBERGINE ROOM as well.


More will come… in the meantime you can see some of the pictures in AUBERGINE ROOM…

For example a very large rug (350 x 250 cm) called TISCALONG in monochrome blue.

It is hand made and very thick.

It was used to promote the PANTONOVA series in the early 70:ies.

You can see the exhibition with the same rug here:



See you soon!



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