Our familly was today in Denmark to pick up some Panton memories from 1986.

This serie, “Art line”, was presented by Ege Axminster A/S and Percy von Halling-Koch. Several artists where invited to perticipate with a design. Verner Panton came up with “Stones 1” and “Stones 2” (same as Stone 1 but in greyscale).

I bought the “Stones 1” carpet some weeks ago but a friend kept it until our next trip – wich became today.

Yesterday, I found the “Stones 1” silk print with the same pattern so I thought they could match pretty good together.

When picking up the silk print at a lady’s house, she told me she still had the original frame for it, so I got that as well. She also had an “Art Line” catalogue.

The lady and her husband where former retailers for Ege Axminster carpets so they had the print (and the catalogue) in their store 1986.