I bought this Wire Cone Chair some time ago but I haven’t got it home yet. This is a model I have never seen before. I guess it comes from the early 70:ies and perhaps it could be a protype made by Fritz Hansen or X-Design.

It has some details “borrowed” from the early prototypes of the Wire Cone Chair such as a round plate in the bottom and the back rest is “half moon-shaped” like one of the early chairs you see below. Anyhow, I don’t beleive Plus Linje is the maker of this chair. The “Bolivia” furnishing fabric is the same as other Cone Chairs had between 1959-64 but since the wire is chromed, I think this might be something that has to do with the little later Pantonova series from the early 70:ies.

It comes from a danish lady outside Aarhus who have had it for many years. She lived very near one of the producers for the Pantonova series so maybe she got it from there. I need to investigate it a little more when I see it live.