fruit bowl grey 001 fruit bowl grey 002 fruit bowl grey 003

Some pictures of what arrived today…

First up is a FRUIT BOWL in grey designed by Verner Panton and made by Dansk Akrylteknik in Denmark 1988. It looks strange when placing it on top of a red glowing table but you will soon see better pictures. This is the largest size made: 51,5 cm x 47 cm x 10 cm.



panton chair seating 001 panton chair seating 002 panton chair seating 003 panton chair seating 004 panton chair seating 005

Above you see some original seatings for the PANTON CHAIR. I have only seen these in pictures before but they are made of some sort of foam with a padding and then furnished with a small version of the Miralastic fabric. I will try to clean them up a little bit. I still donĀ“t know what edition of the Panton Chair they are made for.

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