wiretable polished 003wiretable polished 002wiretable polished 007wiretable polished 005prototype wire table 004

Here is some pictures of the newest addition in the PANTONWORLD COLLECTION.

This round prototype WIRE TABLE was designed by VERNER PANTON in 1972 for J. LÜBER.

It is in the same style as the COAT RACK, WIRE LAMP and the WIRE CUBES from J. LÜBER but it never came into production.

It has a diameter of 70 cm and the height is 32 cm. The wire is 6 mm like the most of the PANTONOVA furniture from J. LÜBER.

The last picture is from 1972 when LÜBER planned to take it in the collection. I can´t understand why they never did it in a sreial production.

It looks fantastic to me!

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