Sorry for the delay with the pictures!

I have been working a lot since I came home…

Finally, I will here show you some objects that I founded in the latest tour, the december “PANTOUR”:

You can see 4 big original MIRA-X wall-to-wall carpets:

A very big purple MIRA DOMO (DOMO = thickest quality) in good condition (The colour is shifting on the pics since some are taken with flash),

A medium sized petrol coloured MIRA CONTRACT 1 (CONTRACT 1 = thinner quality),

A large blue MIRA-DOMO which is really dirty (it is still in plastic bags and I haven´t opened it yet)

and also a light-blue version of the MIRA CONTRACT 1 (still with tape around it).

My girlfriend Sophia was about to throw up when she first saw the ones in bad condition but I think I will get them in a better shape… ;)

There were also a very nice set of the PANTONOVA SOFA from X-design in black wire.

It was 13 pieces including some tables. They will also need some cleaning but I think they will look great!

I will probably sell some of these for the familly I got them from… Just so you know!

I will show these pieces later when I have cleaned them a bit.

One glass plate for the table is missing in one picture… I forgot it at the place it came from. I will take it next time I go there!

Then it was 3 small FLOWERPOT LAMPS in violet and some different MIRA-X fabrics. For example a LARGE RAUTKA in red velour, a LARGE STRIPE in green velour, a LARGE CURVE in green velour and also some monochromed pieces of MIRA-X velour fabric.

Another very nice thing was the different catalogues from MIRA-X and LÜBER!

You can see a piece of a bed, covered with turquise MIRA-X fabric. I will take the fabric of and use it if I need to repair something in the future.

Amongst all the pieces, there was a “mysterious” sealed roll of MIRA-X fabrics there. Hidden in MIRA-X plastic from the 80:ies…

Hmm… I opened the package carfully… and saw what I beleive is the most uggly fabric I have ever seen, haha!

It was named MIRA-PASTRALE and was not even designed by PANTON…

VERNER PANTON himself showed up at a photo I got…





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