Some years ago, I bought a set of very rusty wire cubes in Denmark.

I thought they were the chromed models from FRITZ HANSEN so I started to clean and polish them…

For a loooong time… They did not get very shiny.

I recently realised that these have never been chromed!  Ehhh… ok much work for nothing!

They are the black model from EXPEDIT A/S, or X-DESIGN that also produced them in Denmark.

Booth of these companies used the same pictures so I don´t know if they changed the name of the companies or what happend.

Well, I have now repainted them in the same matte black finsih and they became really nice.

Maybe I shall give them some more layers but they fitted in very well in my coloured interior.

Better than the chromed versions from LÜBER I used earlier in this room.

This is what they looked like when I first bought them…

This is the original catalogue for them…


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