This is a 2 x 3 meter rya carpet called MIRA ROMANTICA. The pattern is WAVE.

It is in mint condition since the previous owner did not use it.

It has been rolled up since 1973. It was made by the company MIRA-X.


This is a wall carpet, WAVE  DOMINO in the size 60 x 60 cm.

It will need some love to get in a better shape but I think and hope it will get better.

Since earlier, I have the CIRCLE, KVADRAT and CURVE in this series of wall rugs.


The ANATOMIE series were first made in 1968.

This red fabric, called LIPS is made by MIRA-X 1978.

The lips are Marianne Pantons.


Two curtains of MEDIUM WAVE in brown / beige cotton.

Made by MIRA-X.


This is a CONE CHAIR STOOL by PLUS LINJE. The original orange fabric was under the horrible 80:ies  fabric. Unfortunatelly, the fabric for the seat was taken away when refurnished so I guess the only way is to refurnish it all… If you have this old fabric in a roll, please send me an email!

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