Our RED ROOM will see some changes now.

I earlier had a multicoloured “STRIPE” pattern painted all over the ceiling and also medium curve curtains in multicolour on the walls.

It was cool but looked a bit “too much”… (is that possible?)

The room will now be all red instead. The plan is to have the walls, floor and ceiling in the same strong red colour.

The walls will have very discrete fabrics so the walls and ceiling doesn´t take any attention from the floor.

Maybe some aubergine STRIPE curtains in velour could work out good on the walls…

I will have multicoloured WAVE carpets on the red floor, lightened up with several small FLOWERPOT lamps.

The idea is to have everything in the same colour exept the carpets that will be lightened up on the floor.

The PANTOVA SOFA and the other orange sofa I had earlier is now moved so I will have pillows directly on the carpets instead.

Also, I will have some RINGLAMPS on the walls and different VP GLOBES and one PANTON PENDANT hanged from the ceiling in the corners.

You will soon see how it turns out. Until now, I have painted half of the celling… but I need to find some more VP GLOBE lamps as well.

I have atleast one more large WAVE carpet coming in soon, then I will have three different models of the WAVE carpet, all in multicolour!

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