Here you see some old and very cool Verner Panton decorations from the Varna restaurant in Århus. They come from the master painter who also was responsible to put up the decorations at the time.

Besides this big pile of 151 shiny ”Tapetenplakate” (wallpaper posters) the painter also left 13 photos together with several drawings from Verner Panton himself.

Some of the wallpaper posters has been up at the walls at Varna and then removed again (you can still see some black matte paint on the backside). Some are new and unused. These wallpaper posters combined, forms patterns from Verner Panton’s collection “Geometri” wich he worked with in the early 60:ies and they are absolutelly fantastic!

The restauration of the Varna Palæet in Århus started in september 1970 and took eight months to finish. When it opened it’s doors the 1:st of may 1971 the budget was far exceeded but the result was a mind blowing total design concept down to the smallest details. Eight colours from orange to turquoise was used in 54 gradiations. The interior stayed like this until 1976/77.

What I didn’t know was that some parts of the restaurant had monochrome black and white areas, such as two corridors between the main dinning rooms and the long corridor with the colourful ”Wave” curtains.

This “newly discovered” area had black matte walls / ceilings with shiny wallpaper posters glued up in different ways. White small Flowerpots hanged from the ceiling.

In other areas, turquoise/blue, red/orange and purple/violet wallpaper posters was used in the same way, then in rooms with matte ”broken white” as the background wall and ceiling colour – everything put up according to Verner’s design. You can tell by drawings that they first covered the whole walls to later remove some and let some spaces in beteen be matte in the choosen room colour. I guess some of the posters I got was the removed ones. What an incredible find!

Copyright for the design and the picture from Varna Palæet: @vernerpantonofficial / Verner Panton Design AG