Just had to make a quick test with the old Ring Lamp shades to see how they turn out when lit up. Now I just put them quickly on some other prototype back panels with round discs so they might not look like this when used with an ”ordinary” square back panel. They still need some cleaning and some better hanging. The condition is very poor but these must be so rare to find that I am happy anyhow. The only other remaing Ring Lamps in these colours made by Louis Poulsen, what I know, must be some in a private home in Wienna but they will not leave that place for a long time. (Vitra also made some re-edition lamps in similar colours around 1998 for the Trapholt exhibition).
The blue and violet panels you see here has been used on a white house wall without lighting in them. It was also an orange one but that is gone since long time. They have strong traces of the sun wich has made some paint to fall off but in this case it’s just a part of the history. The panels were given to the previous owner’s father from Verner Panton himself and this man was both a personal friend to Verner but also worked for Louis Poulsen in the 60:ies and the 70:ies as a designer.
Ring Lamp shades – Welcome to Pantonworld! You will now stay indoors…