I have now started to frame some of the large amount of prototype testprints from the Panton Design office. Above you see one fabric design I don’t think was put in serial production. It is named “Indio” and the colors are extremelly strong. The markings comes from the co-worker who was responsible for Verner’s fabric design and it is from him I got this treasure.

This is actually not a test print like the others you see here but a very rare Anatomie “Feets” fabric printed by Mira-X in 1978. It was earlier attached on a frame so I need to special order that frame to get the same size.

This “Luna” fabric is one of the test prints as well but the only difference I can tell this from the serial produced is actually that it misses the signature that you usually see on Verner Panton’s fabrics. I will frame this soon too.

This is one of my top-three fabrics in my collection with over 400 fabric designs.

This fabric is named “Single” and it comes from the “Panel Programme collection” 1978. The total fabric is so big, about 355×125 cm but I will frame it so it matches the printed area for the enamel panels you see in pictures below.