This is an original orange Mira-X table cloth together with 12 orange and 5 violet napkins.

The same was used at the Varna restaurant in 1971. I couldn’t find a picture from the orange dining room now but you see the red and purple areas.

My table cloth and napkins comes from Aarhus, the same place as the Varna restaurant is located but I have no clue if they actually comes from the restaurant from during this time. I got another Mira-X fabric at the same time. Otherwise it is not easy to know if monochrome fabrics really are from Verner Panton and Mira-X. 

I have learned that Mira-X sold mostly monochrome fabrics in the 70:ies (compared to the ones with patterns) but nowerdays when people look in old drawers and find them, nobody understand what it is without a pattern or signature that tells it comes from Panton / Mira-X.

Also monochrome carpets and transparant/”see through” curtains very sold in big quantities by Mira-X.

If you live in Switzerland, Denmark or Germany and happend to have any monochrome transparant “see through” curtains or carpets in strong colours, please let me know! I can probably help you to see if they come from Verner Panton / Mira-X.