Is is not easy to get the time to complete the attic but soon I hope we can put this room in order.

This room will be the opposite of the other darker and colourfull rooms we have. It will be white with some beige tones.
Therefor the 5 Panton Chairs in beige will be perfect.

I will show you the chairs in a better way soon.
They are from the pre-series of chairs in 1967 that Panton made in 100-150 copies. The beige ones were not in the catalogue from this time and they were made in a very small number.

I have carried up 12 boxes of Panton fabrics and 4 big plastic bags of pillows.
I will try to document all these fabrics in a good way.
Then I have some work to take pictures of about 60 different UNIKA VÆV fabrics. Only a part of these fabrics are designed by Panton but I will describe this later.

There is also near 70 sheets of interior sketches from the 60:ies with Panton interior design waiting to be documented…

I have started the work to make an inventory list of the PANTONWORLD collection.
I find more and more pieces I forgot I had. I have never counted my collection earlier so it is quite fun to see what comes up.

So far I have counted up to over 1 000 pieces. Amongst these items, there is over 550 different pieces!

The plan is to make a new update of the website with more info about every piece. If this was some years ago, before I had three small kids and a house that needed repairing, this would be a little easier, haha.

I have also some pieces wich is not really designed by Panton but they were used in the very places where Verner had his design.

The main problem is later to find a good theme/layout for the website.
I am not good at programing websites…

I would like to find a good design for the website with not so many sub-menues.
When more and more people use their phones to surf I can’t have a website with 500 pictures coming up when entering a page…
Hopefully there is a good way of solving this…

In the meantime I wish you a good summer!

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