fun 0 lamp 009

fun 0 lamp 004

fun 0 lamp 005

fun 0 lamp 006

fun 0 lamp 012

fun 0 lamp 016fun 0 lamp 017

fun 0 lamp 001

I have been lucky the latest time. In a short time I have founded two very rare aluminium disc lamps – The FUN 0 DA

It is probably the two same lamps I have seen earleir in pictures from old auctions.

They have a little different shape compared to eachother. This is pretty common when it comes to some Lüber musselshell lamps so I guess it is the same with the aluminium disc versions.

Another thing is that the new lamp had a double lampholder in it – something you can for example see in the little bigger Ball-lamps.

I don´t know if these two lamp holders was mounted there from the LÜBER-factory but the parts are made by the same old company.

The new lamp is a little more yellow than the first one but I guess it is because of two reasons. The first lamp has one more cold lamp bulb but the new lamps also need some cleaning.

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