1949 Verner Panton door sign

One-off hand made door sign
Year: 1949
Size: 14 x 5 cm
Colours: Blue, silver
Material: Handpainted copper
Manufacturer: Verner Panton?
Country: Denmark
Remarks: Probably one of the earliest piece known in context of Verner Panton´s design. The sign were used at Verner´s studio at “Strandpromenaden” in Copenhagen. Verner was 23 years old at this time and he was still studying to architect at the school Royal Academy of the Arts, Copenhagen.
Comes with a sending receipt dated 5:th of march 1949. Verner Panton´s father Henry Panton sent this to Verner from Henry´s first restaurant at the island Fyn.
Number: 1 piece

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