A lot of Verner Pantons design is made of enamel.

One of the most well known pieces is the Flowerpot lamp. Not many people knows that the lamp was originally made for a teacandle. He created the two-hemisphere lamp already in the 50:ies but it took another 10 years before a co-worker to Louis Poulsen saw it. Verner was going to a meeting abroad and told the man to wait if they were interested in it. The Louis Poulsen co-worker litterarly waited in Verners design studio and when Verner came back they agreed to put it into serial production. This time with an electrical cord in it. Louis Poulsen sold 260 000 pieces of the Flowerpot lamp – only the first year of production, 1967.

I appreciate his enamel work more and more. If you have any enamel pieces that you want to know more about, please let me know.