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Here you have some new pictures of the MIRROR SCULPTURE PROTOTYPE.

VERNER PANTON made this piece before he started with all the other MIRROR SCULPTURES in 1964-65.

The size is about 67 cm long and 33 cm tall but it all depends of wich way you put it. Each “sphere” is about 15 cm wide and they are connected together like a big worm.

As with all Verner´s MIRROR SCULPTURES, the colours in it comes from the environment around. So the look of it depends of where it is placed.

It has some wear since it is alomost 50 years old. I will have some more care but I will of course save the original “look” even though some mirrors are broken.


mirror sculpture certification of Marianne Panton

Here is a handwritten certificate from Marianne Panton for the piece.



I have only seen one picture with this prototype from Verner´s home so far. Above you see a picture from the Panton familly´s home in the mid 60:ies.

It took me several years before I actually saw the prototype MIRROR SCULPTURE in this picture. It stands on the floor, to the right, in front of the wall mirrors.


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