dodecahedron vase 001 dodecahedron vase 002 dodecahedron vase 003 dodecahedron vase 004 dodecahedron vase 005 dodecahedron vase 006 dodecahedron vase 007 dodecahedron vase 008 dodecahedron vase 009 dodecahedron vase 010 dodecahedron vase 011

Here is the newest piece in the PANTONWORLD collection.

An original chrystal-vase in the shape of a pentagonal dodecahedron from 1964. They were made in a small serie.

Verner designed three different sizes for the company Siegwart, schweizerische Glasindustrie. This is the largest size with a height of 15,5 cm and a diameter of 20 cm. The vases were sold by TRADIX in Belgium and Germany, J. LÜBER in Switzerland and NORDLYS KURT MÜLLER in Denmark.



Here you can see old pictures of the same original vases from 1964.


In 2006 the company UNIQUEINTERIOR made some re-edition of this vase. The re-editions have a thicker bottom and also they have a “signature” by  Verner Panton.

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