visiona sp1 blue 001 visiona sp1 blue 002  visiona sp1 blue 009visiona sp1 blue 003 visiona sp1 blue 005visiona sp1 blue 004 visiona sp1 blue 006

At the VISIONA 2 exhibition in Cologne 1970, Verner Pantons SPIRAL LAMPS looked a little bit different than the serial produced that were later made. This one has the same colours as the “VISONA 2” SPIRAL LAMPS.

From the center the colour is light purple, dark purple, blue and iceblue.

My SP1 has actually mainly turquise 30 cm spirals instead of iceblue spirals and I guess these were some kind of early ones or prototypes. Below you can see the ones at VISIONA 2. These are the bigger models called SP3.


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