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Here comes some new pictures of the blue SP1 in special colors. Verners blue SPIRAL LAMPS from the VISIONA 2 exhibition had lighter spirals near the center compared to the later produced lamps that went out to stores.

My lamp would need a set of dark purple 50 cm spirals and 8 turquise spirals in 30 cm to be perfect.

Now I use seven iceblue spirals and one blue 40 cm as a replacement for the turquise ones in 30 cm. And I use light purple instead of the dark purple in 50 cm. This will work in the meantime.

Actually it is the first time I have seen turquoise spirals. I guess it is early ones. They have some small “triangle shaped” rings in the upper end. Probably this was to have them hanged in a lamp with a metal frame and small rings, the so called “SP01” lamps.

If you have one or all of the following spirals to spare, I would be very happy if you contacted me:

9 pieces of the 30 cm spirals in turquoise (or 1 piece of the ice blue 30 cm spiral will work to)

12 pieces of the 50 cm spirals in dark purple.

I will pay you good!



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